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We at Matcon demonstrate remarkable flexibility in shaping our business structures and in maintaining relationships with partners.


    Management Personnel

Our management team has a wide variety of experience and expertise.  Our project managers and estimators generally have technical diplomas and many years of specialized experience.  Our field supervisors generally have in excess of 20 years in their fields.  Several Professional Engineers ensure that our team has a strong technical understanding of the work.

*    Equipment & Manpower in British Columbia

Matcon has an hourly payroll of approximately 70 to 100 qualified employees.  Our earthmoving fleet of 20 pieces is near new and very well maintained.  If required, we can supplement our equipment fleet, at any time, from a carefully selected list of local owner/operators.  We also own enough air tracks, compressors and miscellaneous shoring equipment to field multiple shoring crews simultaneously.

The size of our manpower and equipment resource allows us to meet all of your scheduling requirements.

*    Safety

When Matcon becomes your “Principal Contractor” we become your shield from liability for claims from workers and for those nasty fines and assessments.  Matcon has developed a comprehensive Health & Safety Program and, for each project, we establish site-specific safety plans.  All of our employees are pro-active in daily project safety, thereby ensuring themselves, the company, and the client a safe work environment.

*    Bonding & Insurance

Our contract bonding ensures that your job will be completed regardless of financial difficulties of which we might somehow encounter.  We have pledged substantial financial resources to back our bonding program.  Matcon can provide bonding to $10 million per project.  We carry General Liability Insurance on all of our activities and Equipment Insurance on our fleet.  Other coverage can be provided or other parties named, as required for your project.

*    Banking and Financial

Matcon’s Financial strength ensures that your projects will always be completed within the contract parameters.  Our balance sheet is very strong compared to other companies in our industry and indicates a depth of resources that ensures continuity of our business.

*    References

References can be provided upon request.