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The Matcon Group of Companies

In the early 1980ís Mike Mattson, Ron Amos, and Kirk Guse shared a common employer in the civil construction field.

Ron Amos founded TRS Construction Services Ltd in 1988 and Kirk Guse joined the company a year later.Sound management and aggressive tendering saw the company grow quickly to 75 employees, completing $20 million per year in civil construction projects.The TRS group was primarily involved in subdivision and townhouse services, road building, municipal projects and gravel operations.

Mike Mattson was attracted to the team a short time after and fit right in.Matcon, under Mikeís direction, was started as an excavation and site preparation company to compliment the proven servicing capabilities of the TRS group.By the mid 1990ís Matcon was completing $7 million per year in the excavation and site preparation market.

The resources of TRS and Matcon were amalgamated in the mid 1990ís and Matcon emerged a larger, more diverse company performing a variety of civil construction projects over an intensive geographic territory.

We are continuously expanding the scope and territory in which we offer services.We have well established and highly successful partnerships and joint ventures in closely related business areas and as far afield as Ontario.The history of the Matcon group is still being written.