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Civil Contracting | Road Building | Athletic and Park Facilities | Subdivisions and Townhouses
Utility Installations | Earth Retaining Structures | Site Preparation | Building Excavations
Shoring Systems | Screening and Processing | Seismic Anchors | Geotechnical Specialty
Wetlands and Foreshore | Rock Work

General Civil Contracting

At Matcon, we enjoy the challenges of coordinating and scheduling complex projects.  We take advantage of our vast array of specialist knowledge and apply this to complex general contract work.  We bring to bear an approach to managing work which, while maintaining efficiency, answers the requirements of sophisticated and demanding clients.

Road Building

The distinctive smells of diesel exhaust and freshly excavated soils come to mind when you say “road building”.  We enjoy those projects that involve large magnitude earthmoving with off-road trucks, scrapers and dozers.  Other aspects of heavier road construction are drilling and blasting, quarrying, overpasses, retaining walls, multi-plate culverts, and custom gravel production.

Athletic and Park Facilities

Athletic facilities truly represent a specialty within civil construction.  Matcon is experienced with the unique aspects of playfield construction including large areas of precise grading, aggregate gradations which are critical to achieving drainage, irrigation systems, deep foundations for high mast lighting, artificial turf, and urethane track surfaces.  Our park projects often involve architectural concrete, special finishes, and massive landscaping works.  Our park specialists can refer to extensive cost histories and broad experience in pricing your next project.

Subdivision and Townhouse Site Servicing and Streetwork

Our first project in 1988 was a subdivision servicing project.  Since then, our group has completed servicing of many thousands of residential lots and townhouse units.  Work conditions have varied from river cobble deposits in Squamish to solid rock conditions in Abbotsford to swelling clays in the Okanagan Valley.  We have completed city street reconfiguration in the most congested of urban settings.

Utility Installations

Many projects involve large quantities of a single utility type.  We have completed large diameter steel waterlines, welded in place with coating and lining at joints repaired to specifications, H.D.P.E force mains and watermains, multi-duct electrical duct banks with appurtenant structures, municipal water systems, storm and sanitary systems.

Earth Retaining Structures

Matcon has installed a vast array of retaining wall configurations using all of the various precast products.  Wall types completed include rock stack, Allan block, Keystone, Lock-Block, Stress-Wall and Reinforced Earth.

Site Preparation, Filling, Preloads

Matcon’s strengths include our experience moving large quantities of soil under a variety of conditions, our understanding of the appropriate selection of fill materials and efficient placing programs.  We effectively integrate excavation and filling activities.  Our large market presence allows us to source fills which are not available to other contractors.  We have a successful record of completing the largest and most difficult site preparation work.

Building Excavations

The name Matcon arose in 1992 when Mike Mattson joined the group of companies and started Matcon Excavation Ltd.  Matcon has grown in the Vancouver market to be the contractor of choice for any substantial building excavation.  We continuously invest in barge loading facilities and other soil disposal options to stay at the top of the industry.

Shoring Systems

Shoring systems are completed concurrently with excavation work, with a great deal of cooperation needed between the shoring crew and the excavator.  While most shoring projects are completed in competent soils using the shotcrete face drilled and grouted tie-back anchors, we can provide solutions for successfully shoring other soil conditions.  Sheet piles, H-pile and lagging, slurry walls, and continuous caisson are all systems that Matcon will undertake as required.

Screening and Processing

The best or most economic solution to siteworks is frequently to screen, separate or crush materials in order to make a higher use of them.  Using our own or leased equipment, we quarry materials and process them into aggregates, or screen materials to separate waste streams.

Seismic Anchors and Upgrades

Matcon provides installation and testing of seismic tie-down anchors, installation of shotcrete structural shear walls, footing enhancement and non-structural seismic retrofit, demolition and excavation for installation of footings.  Low overhead and difficult indoor access circumstances provide additional challenges.

Geotechnical Specialty

If your problem is in the ground, Matcon can provide a solution.  We provide slurry trenching capability as needed to suit your design requirements.  We have completed projects with both bentonite and organic polymer based slurries to create cutoff and treatment walls below water table, without the need to shore or de-water the ground.  We have developed and tested low-permeability, high strain engineered soils for cut-off walls and trench back-fills.  We can provide mini-pile foundation installations and structural underpinning using pilings and engineered pile cap connections.  We have undertaken extensive slope stabilization projects including lateral drains and flow control works.  Our wide variety of work ensures that we will continue to expand our repertoire of unique technologies.

Wetlands and Foreshore

Increasing environmental awareness is resulting in the need to restore natural areas that are disturbed during construction, and to create new ones.  Matcon has done extensive work in construction of habitat compensation areas, construction work along shorelines, in streams and in the creation of bio-filters.  Foreshore work requires silt control measures, shiftwork to accommodate tides, and the ability to complete work quickly and effectively during limited windows of opportunity.  Matcon has met these challenges.

Rock Work

Shaping a project out of solid rock is predictably more difficult.  Matcon has completed dozens of projects involving drilling and blasting for utility trenches and road cuts, movement and large quantities of rock, aggregate production from rock, and construction of rock stack walls.