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Corporate Profile

The Matcon - Group of Companies was established in March of 1992.  Since that time we have grown considerably, earning a reputation as a leading provider of quality excavating and construction services.  By way of recent incorporation, we have welcomed new members to our business family, enabling us to better satisfy our customersí needs throughout British Columbia.  We take pride in the diverse array of work we perform as well as our attention to every considerable project detail.  It is our goal to maintain our solid reputation by continually recommitting ourselves to our Canadian customers, both present and future.

A Source of Pride

We are pleased to have a large group of respected managers, estimators, supervisors, field staff and support staff.The people you will encounter at Matcon are the best in their respective fields.We understand that a company is more than a job to the people who make a living there.The company needs to be an object of pride and provide an opportunity for personal goals to be met.Matcon is developing a succession plan, which will allow our accomplished people to further their careers and establish themselves as industry leaders in their own right.

†††††† Budget Planning
Matconís experienced specialists work throughout your project planning stages to ensure the budget is right.They ensure that your numbers are achievable, within schedule and by methods compatible with all you project goals.

†††††† Competitive Pricing
The numbers Matcon provides will be competitive with anyone.Finely honed estimating skills combined with the most current knowledge of methods and sources ensure economy.

†††††† Reinvestment
We reinvest in our operation to ensure competitiveness.New soil disposal options, new methods, and the latest equipment maintain the comparative economy of our operation.

†††††† Capacity
Matcon has a large appetite for work commensurate with our large crews and large fleets of equipment.Our capacity will generally exceed your requirements.

†††††† Reliability
Capacity only enhances reliability.Pride is what ensures reliability.Matcon people want to be successful.We want to be reliable.Thatís why we are!Thatís what ensures your project goals will be met.

†††††† Innovative Solutions
When we encounter a problem for the first time, we have a vast pool of experience to draw from.The diversity in our operation ensures that an innovative solution is forthcoming

Matcon Delivers

Nothing feels better than being in the lead; thatís why we strive to be there.We want to deliver the best service at the best prices while developing and growing the best company in the business.We look forward to delivering on your next project.