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We, at Matcon, demonstrate remarkable flexibility in shaping our business structures and in maintaining relationships with partners.

    Permanent Partnerships

Matcon is a founding partner in Quantum Remediation Inc. and Quantum Facilities Inc., marketed under the name Quantum Environmental group.  Quantum Remediation Inc. (est. 1997) is an impressive environmental contracting organization with billings in excess of $15 million.  It specializes in contaminated site remediation work and safe disposal of contaminated soils.  The projects it undertakes are often complex geotechnical, civil, and environmental puzzles.  Matcon personnel have played a key role in this company by providing a diversity of experience, which other environmental contractors cannot match.  In turn, our people have gained an even broader experience base by participating in these challenging projects.  Matcon continues to provide personnel to supplement the highly professional managers and field staff at Quantum.

H.C. Matcon Inc. Matcon is in Ontario!  We have formed a partnership with a highly capable individual in Toronto, which will concentrate on shoring system installations in the Southern Ontario area.  Our partner has extensive experience in the shoring methods generally applied in Ontario.  When combined with our BC experience, this results in our group attaining greater understanding of all shoring methods and our capabilities in both areas are substantially enhanced.

    First Nations

We have enjoyed participating in joint venture contract work with First Nations partners.  We have developed a rapport with several individuals and organizations while performing work on numerous contracts.  The adjacent photograph is the Sapperton Landing Park constructed for Rapid Transit Project 2000.  Matcon was the managing partner in a First Nations joint venture, which constructed this $7 million project.

    Joint Ventures

Projects of a certain scope or magnitude can place extraordinary demands on a contracting organization.  Cash flow requirements, personnel availability, or financial risk might warrant a joint venture arrangement.  We have, and will, team with other contractors in order to expand our opportunities.  Our joint venture agreement form is balanced and fair and is ready for immediate application.


The Design-Build contract format challenges a contractor, as it requires understanding the risk associated with design variations.  We have provided Design-Build services on many projects and have developed a good feel for the format and confidence in our ability to properly understand the projects we have been involved in.  Our managers are always upgrading their knowledge in order to stay at the top of their fields.